PVC Windows                        Wooden Windows                  Aluminium Windows

We offer manufacture, installation or repair all types of windows.  You will be pleasantly surprised by prices of our manufactured windows. The prices are lower than you could  expect.

We are the best in this business, with more than 15 years experience!  We work hard to earn the trust of our clients!  

We offer a variety of solutions for wooden, aluminum and PVC window and door products, as well as glazed facades and partition constructions.

We started this business in 1998. Our accumulated experience in this area guarantees a high quality of work.

It has been 3 years since our company has been operating  in other European countries by contributing the work in realization of many new technologies, which are rarely used in Latvia.  Nowadays there is a necessity to change the number of obsolete technologies due to their low efficiency and high costs.

Our company grants 5 years warranty to all our windows and 2 years warranty to  installation works.

alumīnija logi

During the warranty period windows are being repaired or changed if: 

  • The changes of window color occurred
  • The resistance to light and atmospheric effects was not identified
  • The strength of window fittings does not correspond to the expected function
  • The joints of window profile have lost their strength
  • Airtightness of an insulated glass is damaged.

PVC Windows                        Wooden Windows                  Aluminium Windows

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