We are proud of our clients

I put windows and doors for my new built house.Everything was ok, the price, build quality.

Gints Ratnieks

i was renewing my old wooden house in Āgenskalns.Everything was done well.Flattened, stuffed.Windows were perfect and beautiful and it looks amazing from the outside too.


Very good quality and the price were very good.


We asked prices to about five providers.The best price was here, in regards to price/quality.Also the workers are smart, dedicated and they worked with extra precision.

Raimonds, Mārupe

The windows were changed for our aprtment and now also at my husband's parents place to wooden windows.To be honest i dont know what the material is, pine tree or some other tree, but the apartments windows hold up pretty well


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Miroslav Karhan

Manager Construction

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daniel amokachi

Public Relationship

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alance smith

Ceo / C0-Founder