• handrails or balustrades are made in Latvia, which ensures fast and flexible execution of orders;
  • durable and long lasting for Latvijas weather conditions;
  • environmentally friendly.
  • 2koki handrails are designed specifically for you and can be configured to fit any solution you want;
  • 2koki handrailings have unlimited finishing and technical solutions that will allow you to fully personalize your wishes, both technical and design terms. Maintaining the natural qualities and appearance of the material, making your home’s interior and the facade of the building more aesthetically appealing;
  • Choosing 2koki handrailings, you will be able to achieve the most aesthetic, natural and pleasant look of your home, which will greatly increase the value of your property.

2koki handrails are made in Latvia and can be configured to fit any solution you want.

The production of handrails are carried out in accordance with the highest standards, which ensure technical accuracy and the highest quality end product.

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